About Us

What is WATAW?

WATAW stands for Work Any Time Any Where. The Wataw.My is a platform for part-timer job seekers who need a part-time job ("Service Providers") and a search engine for a client or a customer ("Users") who is in need of on demand job or emergency services in 24 hours.
We also offers a means to Users who seek for someone that can solve their problems from certain destinations and provide real time fulfilment of an errands for on demand job at a specific location to be matched with Service Providers with capacity and ability to fulfil these jobs.

What we want to achieve

Solve user's daily problems with on-demand service app
Opens jobs oppurtunity for service providers to offer thier specialties
Gives new user experience on getting service anytime anywhere

Get more done on the go

No more “ I’ll do it later ”, just leave it to us! Remember, You are not lazy, You are flowing with potential energy! Click subsribe or download Wataw App now !


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